Integrated Nematode Management

Integrated Nematode Management

State-of-the-Art and Visions for the Future


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Plant parasitic nematodes are costly burdens of crop production, causing an estimated US$80 - 118 billion per year in damage to crops. They are associated with nearly every important agricultural crop, and are a significant constraint on global food security. Regulations on the use of chemical pesticides have resulted in growing interest in alternative methods of nematode control. Future changes in climate, cropping systems, food habits, as well as social and environmental factors also affect the options for nematode control. Taking a systematic crop by crop approach, this book: Outlines the economic importance of specific plant parasitic nematode problems on the major food and industrial crops. Presents the state-of-the-art management strategies that have been developed to reduce specific nematode impacts, and outlines their limitations. Contains case studies to illustrate impact in the field. Aims to anticipate future changes in nematode disease pressure that might develop as a result of climate change, and new cropping systems.